Elon Musk: Those Going to Mars Will Live in Glass Domes


Elon Musk, who made new statements from his highly active Twitter account, said that the first people to go to Mars will live in glass domes. It will take a long time for Mars to be transformed into a habitable planet.

A Twitter account called Astronomiaum the other day reminded Elon Musk, who recently became the third richest person in the world, in 2017 “to establish a colony of 1 million people on Mars by 2050” and said, “Is this possible? Elon Musk? ” He shared a tweet like.

Elon Musk’s tweet was “Possible!” After responding as I Astronomia, Elon Musk in shaping and shaped to support life whether people when they went to the Red Planet Mars and SpaceX asked the people to survive on Mars would present another way.

On this question, Elon Musk shared more detailed information about how the colonies planned to be established on Mars will live and said, “Life (on Mars) will be in glass domes at first. Ultimately (Mars) will be shaped to support life like Earth. ” used the expressions. This statement means that the first colonies to be established on Mars will spend their time making Mars a habitable planet.

I Astronomia, this statement on the make Mars a planet livable with existing technologies, some studies showed that it was impossible, SpaceX this situation how is above being asked to offer a solution Elon opposite Musk Mars in a single generation make this a planet that can support life He said it would be a process that would work too slowly to be resolved, so the first people to go to the Red Planet would be interested in establishing a human base there, leaving remnants that show human progress for future generations.

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