Elon Musk shows brain chip working on a pig


This Friday (28), Elon Musk used a pig to perform a live demonstration of how the Neuralink chip would work in the human brain. The proposal is to create a digital link between brains and computers.

The technology showed the pig’s brain activity while it interacted with different situations on stage. Each neural activity of the animal was represented by a beep, which allowed the signals inside its head to be monitored during stimuli. The pig had the chip installed about two months ago in the region of the brain responsible for smell.

Unlike previous models developed by Neuralink, the chip can now be inserted through a single opening at the top of the head. The device fits into a small cavity in the skull, while “wires” of electrodes penetrate the outer surface of the brain, detecting the electrical impulse of nerve cells.

Then, the connection to a computer is made via Bluetooth, but Neuralink is already eyeing another radio technology that can increase the amount of data transmitted. “It’s like a Fitbit on your skull with tiny threads,” said Elon Musk.

Neuralink’s goal is to help people with brain injuries and limited motor activities. According to Elon Musk, clinical trials of the chip that the company is developing should take place by the end of 2021, with quadriplegic patients.

Neuralink: what does Elon Musk’s company do?

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