Elon Musk says Neuralink will make quadriplegics walk


Elon Musk: Neuralink published this week the video of a monkey playing video games using only his mind. After the material was released, CEO Elon Musk spoke about the company’s next steps with a focus on the development of brain-machine interfaces.

On Twitter, the executive commented briefly on Neuralink’s first device. According to him, the brain chip will be able to make a person with paralysis control a smartphone with his mind faster than someone using his hands.

In another message on the same social network, Musk projected the future interactions that the chip could perform. He cited that the product will be able to allow communication between devices in different parts of a patient’s body.

In this way, the implanted chip will send signals from a brain node and neural pathways to legs and other members of the body. With this, the technology will make it possible for quadriplegic people to walk again.

Finally, the mega-entrepreneur pointed out that the device will not be as invasive and could be implanted in the user’s skull. Using wireless charging, all of this will make it possible for the person to look and feel totally normal.

Human testing starts

Obviously, Elon Musk’s projections are quite bold. Neuralink mentions that there are several researches in progress that highlight the possibility of reaching these objectives in the short term.

The company’s CEO believes that testing of the device on humans is due to begin in 2021. However, this runs counter to initial project plans that predicted that the technology would be in use by 2020.

Analysts say Musk’s projections should be met with a healthy dose of skepticism. In the past, the executive made several predictions for his companies that only became reality years later than planned.