Elon Musk Says He Hates Being CEO of Tesla and That Company Would Die Without Him


Elon Musk’s testimony in the trial of the lawsuit referring to the purchase of SolarCity by Tesla, held on Monday (12), had important moments. In one, the billionaire said he hated being the head of the electric car maker when asked about his relationship with the board of directors.

“I tried very hard not to be Tesla’s CEO. I don’t like being anyone’s boss,” Musk told the court in Wilmington, Delaware. “I hate it [being the leader of the automaker] and I prefer to spend my time on design and engineering, which is what I like to do,” he continued.

Although the position currently occupied is not the desired one, he says he needs to keep it for the brand’s survival. “If it’s not me, frankly, Tesla will die,” concluded the executive, who took over in 2008 after the automaker’s founder, Martin Eberhard, left the job.

In the lawsuit filed by Tesla shareholders, Musk is accused of using his influence to force the purchase of the solar energy company founded by his family members. Acquired in 2016 for $2.6 billion, SolarCity was in dire financial straits, leading the plaintiffs to suspect the deal was a bailout.

lawyer refutes statements

Attorney for the automaker’s shareholders, Randy Baron presented, at the trial, a video that contradicts the brand’s CEO’s assertions. In the recording, the billionaire appears saying that he likes to head his companies, as this way he avoids having someone forcing him to do something he doesn’t want.

In his defense, the businessman reiterated that he has no influence over the actions of the automaker’s board of directors and that the images shown are just a joke to draw media attention. “If we’re fun, people will write stories about us,” he commented.


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