Elon Musk Says ‘Aliens Build Pyramids’


Elon Musk’s recently shared ‘Aliens built the Pyramids’ tweet quickly became viral. This interesting tweet of Musk was a similar comeback from Twitter users.

Elon Musk, one of the most controversial and colorful personalities of the 21st century, managed to become viral on social media with a tweet he shared in the morning. Musk, who wrote “Aliens built the pyramids obv” (Aliens built the Pyramids), naturally attracted the attention of all Twitter users.

Reaching hundreds of thousands of people in a short period of time, the tweet has received about 120 thousand likes, nearly 20 thousand retweets and more than 6 thousand responses, even if it is only 2 hours since it was shared. Some social media users looking for materials to make humor exploded the jokes in a row.

There are many legends about the building process of the Egyptian pyramids. One of the most proposed theories for the Egyptian pyramids, which are quite complex and magnificent structures compared to the time they were built, is that the pyramids were built by aliens.

Elon Musk’s tweet stating that the aliens were building the pyramids

Social media users’ responses to Elon Musk’s tweet

The pyramids were definitely built by aliens, enslaved by aliens


If aliens built the pyramids, they are the reason we leave after making sand castles on the beach.

It may be true for Elon, who fell to Roswell in 1947 and got stuck on Earth, and since then directed humanity to make a spacecraft to return home. Elon wants to go to Mars, he can go somewhere else.

The pyramids actually looked like this

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