Elon Musk ridicules the “do not sleep” initiative caused by the protests in Ferguson


The new Twitter boss shared a T-shirt mock-up that read “#[email protected]” instead

Elon Musk mocked T-shirts at Twitter headquarters with the slogan #StayWoke, which appeared after the protests in Ferguson in 2014 and 2015.

“Found in a closet at Twitter headquarters,” Twitter’s new owner captioned a T-shirt video earlier this week with two crying laughing emojis.

The T-shirts were reportedly made by Black Twitter employees after protests in Ferguson, Missouri, which began after a police officer fatally shot Michael Brown.

The phrase #StayWoke has become popularized by the Black Lives Matter movement to draw attention to injustice, especially regarding police brutality.

In an already deleted tweet (via Bloomberg), the tech mogul also apparently made a direct reference to Brown’s shooting, writing: “Hands up, don’t shoot” was made up. It was all a fiction.” He also referred to the Justice Department’s report on the criminal investigation into Brown’s shooting.

Later, he reposted the same link without a signature.

Musk’s comments appeared to be in response to reports that two men said they saw Brown, who was 18 at the time, raise his hands before being shot by an officer, the Associated Press reported.

The Justice Department report gives different versions, but another report published in 2015 found “evidence of racial bias” among Ferguson police officers and courts.

Officer Darren Wilson said he shot Brown in self-defense, and in 2020 it was reported that he would not be charged.

Yesterday, Musk shared a digital photo of a T-shirt with the phrase “#[email protected]” printed on it, which apparently simultaneously mocks the original T-shirts and refers to his recent ultimatum, which led to mass layoffs.

Elsewhere, Tesla’s stock price fell by 50% after it became known about Elon Musk’s controversial bid to buy Twitter.



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