Elon Musk Reveals Cybertruck’s Whistle And Makes Fun Of Apple Cloth


Elon Musk: Fans who can’t wait for Cybertruck, which had production postponed until the end of 2022, were given the opportunity to buy an unusual new product with a squared futuristic aesthetic. This Tuesday (30), Elon Musk announced on his Twitter the sale of a limited edition collectible whistle inspired by the pickup truck for US$50.

According to the Business Insider portal, the product was sold out within an hour of the CEO’s publication. The Cyberwhistle was sold in the Lifestyle category of Tesla’s online store, which also features mugs, water bottles and even an umbrella for US$60 (R$337).

Using the tweet to promote the product, the businessman made a joke with the recent “iPano”, which costs R$ 219 at Apple’s national store. “Don’t waste your money on Apple’s silly fabric, buy our whistle.”