Elon Musk returns to Twitter and ‘crowns’ Dogecoin

Social network addicts know how difficult it is to stay away from post feeds, and Elon Musk is here to prove it. After announcing his departure from Twitter “for a while”, he returned just 46 hours later and did not put aside the irreverence for which he is known. In addition to sharing a launch video for the Falcon 9 rocket, produced by SpaceX, Musk decided to give Dogecoin a helping hand, a move long awaited by users who follow him.

Less than a week ago, by inserting #bitcoin in his bio, Musk caused a 14% appreciation in the cryptocurrency, and competitor enthusiasts started asking the personality to quote her as well. Mission given? Mission Accomplished. A comment inserted in the first publication six minutes later, with the term Doge, was enough for there to be an 81% jump in the price of the units in relation to the previous day.

Do you think the billionaire stopped there? Not even. After all, he knew he was doing the company a lot of favor and didn’t let his action pass by the most inattentive.

“Is the monkey his uncle?”

Doge is an old internet acquaintance, and there are many references to the Shiba Inu dog – even used by Dogecoin as a symbol of its presence in the market. Given the good reception to his publication, Musk added more fuel to the fire and, without even mentioning the company directly, made a montage that guaranteed a lot of laughs around, just saying: “You’re welcome!”

Elon inserted his head in the body of the character Rafiki, from the classic The Lion King, and, in the place of Simba, put Doge himself, both in an iconic scene of the Disney production. Until the closing of this article, the post accumulated more than 128 thousand shares and more than 638 thousand likes, reaching a monstrous reach that keeps growing.



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