Elon Musk releases photo of Super Heavy Booster 1 rocket


The celebrated Twitter of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk showed on Thursday (18) the image of the space company’s first Super Heavy booster and one of the bets for launching a spacecraft bound for the planet Mars.

Named Booster 1, the rocket was defined by Musk himself as “a production pioneer, discovering how to build and transport a 70 meter high stage”. In another tweet, the billionaire promised: “Booster 2 will fly.”

According to Teslarati, a website specializing in spreading the word about Tesla, SpaceX and Muskean ventures, Buster 1 is probably the biggest booster rocket ever built. The Super Heavy rockets will have the mission to lift the Starship from the ground to Earth orbit and then return in a vertical landing.

The rocket-taking tower

As you can see in the photo, the Super Heavy BN1 does not look like the boosters that will support the first attempts at orbital launch of the Starship spacecraft. For undisclosed reasons, SpaceX appears to have given up on installing any kind of landing legs on the first space shuttle and prototype.

Elon Musk has repeatedly expressed his desire to completely eliminate landing legs, capturing these Super Heavy boosters, and even the Starship, with a tower equipped with giant arms. However, it is difficult to imagine that such a recovery mechanism could be built for use later this year, or even if such equipment is viable.

Among delusional conjectures and projections, the fact is that the NASASpaceFlight website, and also Elon Musk himself, have already confirmed that, in July 2021, SpaceX will be ready to start launching orbital spacecraft, that is, real launches from now on. four months. According to NASA, this first launch attempt will certainly use the Super Heavy BN3 booster and the Starship SN20.

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