Elon Musk received an answer from Egyptian minister


On the last day of July, Twitter faced yet another controversial statement by Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. The businessman used his social media account to say that the famous Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens, “obviously”.

It is not just today that the South African uses his profile to make “controversial” statements, but in this case, the publication had a slightly greater impact than his expected. Not for the more than 87,000 comments or 546,000 likes, but for one specific answer: by Egypt’s Minister for International Cooperation, Rania A. Al Mashat.

The policy responded directly to the businessman’s tweet and said he is waiting for him to visit the country so he can learn the true story behind the iconic pyramids, as well as visit the tombs of those who built them.

“I follow your work with great admiration. I invite you and SpaceX to explore the scriptures that talk about how the pyramids were built as well as the tombs of their builders. Mr. Musk, we are waiting for you. ”

After that, the businessman did not respond directly to the minister – nor did he declare whether or not to accept the invitation – but added two new tweets to the thread: one that says that the pyramids were erected by humans and were, for 3800 years, the most tall; and the other with a BBC article on the subject.

“The great pyramids were the tallest human-made structures for 3,800 years. This BBC article provides an accurate summary of how they were built, ”said the businessman in the latest publications on the subject.

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Regarding the frequent “controversies” in which the entrepreneur gets involved, it is worth remembering that, in June, he also used his Twitter account to “provoke” the, also billionaire, Jeff Bezos – CEO of Amazon and Blue Origin.



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