Elon Musk to Organize a ‘Super Fun’ Artificial Intelligence Hackathon at Home


Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk urged Lex Fridman, a scientist working on human-centric AI at MIT, to join the artificial intelligence division of the electric car company Tesla. The famous inventor also announced that he would organize an artificial intelligence hackathon in his home.

Tesla, one of the industry’s leading brands in autonomous and electric cars, is working to bring great minds around itself. Elon Musk, CEO of the US company, called a young scientist Lex Fridman, who works at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to join Tesla’s artificial intelligence department, in a post on his personal Twitter account.

Fridman, a YouTube and podcast channel that provides satisfying information on artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and deep learning, manages to impress everyone with its sharp intelligence. It is a matter of curiosity what the scientist who previously had an interview with Musk would respond to this proposal of the famous inventor.

Musk also made another very attractive offer to attract the best minds in artificial intelligence to Tesla. The South African-American inventor announced that he wanted to organize an artificial intelligence hackathon in his home. “Tesla will be holding a super fun artificial intelligence party / hackathon in my house with Tesla AI / autopilot team in about four weeks,” said Musk, invitations will be distributed soon.

Having only seven mansions in Los Angeles alone, Musk did not specify which property will host the event. Billionaire entrepreneur, who gives information about the criteria according to which criteria the invitees will be evaluated, said, “PhD is not absolutely necessary. The only thing that matters is the ability to use artificial intelligence and neural networks in a really useful way. I do not care even if you graduated from high school. ”


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