Elon Musk: One Day North of Mars Becomes an Ocean


Elon Musk, who pioneered the dream of mankind to reach another planet today, winked at the future of Mars with his Twitter account.

We are now familiar with the long-term Mars plans of Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX, Tesla and Neuralink. But the ability to move larger human populations to another planet only answers the first part of the problem. The real answer is that humans live in an environment that is as similar to Mars as possible. For this, the atmospheric conditions and water-filled oceans of Mars, which were thought to have been millions of years ago, will have to be recreated.

In the scientific world, they roughly call the future of making another planet habitable “terraform” or “terraform”. Starship-like rocket technologies developed by Elon Musk with SpaceX will not only carry people to Mars. The more important burden of rockets will be technologies and laboratories developed to make Mars habitable. Here is a sharing from Elon Musk on this subject.

The blue regions in the Mars topography animation below are areas at lower altitude than other parts of the planet. Here it is thought to have an ocean 4.5 billion years ago:

The topography of the Red Planet was revealed in the Mars animation shared from a science account called Universe-Sci on Twitter. Although this animation of the surface shapes of Mars is nothing new, it shows us the “fingerprint” of the ocean it once had.

The age of the world is 4.54 billion. So Mars is older than our planet. However, the effort to terraform Mars led by Elon Musk can return Mars to its old days, even if it is possible centuries later. We have a long, long timetable for this. Moreover, we have not been able to fully solve the mysteries of Mars yet. As a matter of fact, the world …

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For all these reasons, Elon Musk made a statement about Mars, “Maybe one day there will be an ocean in the northern part of Mars”:

Like all scientists, Musk is aware that his effort to terraform Mars is a fantasy equivalent to a fantasy science fiction movie. As a matter of fact, the fact that most of the space dreams we established just 60 years ago come true, the discoveries made every day and the developing technological possibilities may one day fulfill Musk’s wish. It is not known whether Musk or we will see those days, but it is free to wonder.


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