Elon Musk Offers Former YouTube Gaming Executive a Job on Twitter


Elon Musk offered the former head of YouTube Gaming a job on Twitter because of his big ambitions to attract YouTube users to the platform for 10% more payment.

After months of waiting, Elon Musk finally got the keys to Twitter after the $44 billion acquisition was completed on October 27.

Already looking for ways to make money on the platform, Twitter saw the introduction of confirmation badges for Twitter Blue subscribers, which now allow anyone to buy a tick for $7.99.

Among other ideas to raise money, such as plans to introduce “paid DM”, Elon wants to attract YouTube users to the platform and offer them 10% more than they have already paid for their content.

The billionaire first proposed the idea during a staff Q&A on Twitter, which he further supported in response to a November 14 tweet where former YouTube Gaming executive Ryan Wyatt joined the conversation to share some insights.

“Managed the game in YT for almost 8 years. The monetization of YT is damn good, and MG would be nice to provide this leap,” said a former employee. “But it will definitely attract more attention to the platform. When I worked there, there were about 350 million registered users per day in games alone.”

Elon responded with a simple message “Join Twitter”, which was supported by hundreds of representatives of the gaming and esports community familiar with the former leader of YouTube.

OpTic Gaming CEO Hector “HECZ” Rodriguez was one of the many who supported this idea. “He may be the only one who can save it,” he said.

Many other members of the community, including leading game creators, have vouched for Ryan to get the job, although nothing has come of it yet.

If Musk is serious about getting YouTubers on Twitter, then surely it would be a smart move to bring Wyatt on board.


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