Elon Musk: lynch me on Wikipedia


Elon Musk started a lynching campaign for himself with his statements on Twitter. Musk’s lynch campaign included updating his Wikipedia page with information about him. While users were making unspeakable sentences about Elon Musk, Wikipedia found the solution to lock this page.

Elon Musk, especially known for his work on the space and automobile industry, is one of the names that draws attention with his colorful personality in digital life. Elon Musk, who occasionally appears as the subject of various polemics, this time created a lynch campaign for himself. The campaign launched by Musk on Twitter included changing the information on his Wikipedia page.

With a statement he made on Twitter, Musk ignited the lynching campaign. “History is written by the winners. Except for Wikipedia …”, Musk said, “Please lynch me on Wikipedia, I beg you …” right after this post. After this sharing, Elon Musk’s Wikipedia page was filled with interesting information.

Seeing Elon Musk’s tweets, his fans rushed to Wikipedia and added insulting information. While some were making unmistakable information about Elon Musk, others wrote that Elon Musk and his companies were under the biggest wars, diseases and financial disasters of the last century. Musk responded by throwing emojis stating that he had fun.

Here is Elon Musk’s response to a humiliating Wikipedia entry.

Fortunately, the lynching campaign that Elon Musk started on Twitter did not last long. Because Wikipedia officials, realizing the situation, locked Elon Musk’s Wikipedia page. After this lock, no user could edit Elon Musk’s page. Wikipedia explained this situation as follows;

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The lynch attempt was interrupted after Wikipedia locked the page belonging to Elon Musk. As such, users reported the situation to Elon Musk. One user comment on this issue was really striking. That user offered Elon Musk to buy Wikipedia and delete it completely.


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