Elon Musk Had A Little Accident With Cybertruck (Video)


Tesla’s new vehicle, Cybertruck, was recently seen in Los Angeles. Elon Musk allegedly used a small accident with the vehicle, people’s language on social media.

Tesla introduced its new vehicle Cybertruck in recent weeks. While Cybertruck was not liked by some people because of its design, some people pre-ordered Cybertruck for the first day. We will see Cybertruck on the road in 2021. However, the test vehicle is already on the road.

Cybertruck was filmed last night in Los Angeles. Elon Musk used Cybertruck to go to a luxurious restaurant called Nobu. Although Musk was talking to someone in front of the car when leaving the restaurant, it was not known exactly who was driving.

Ultra-powerful Cybertruck (!) Smashed the traffic cone
Cybertruck struck a cone as he stepped out of the luxury restaurant’s parking lot. Behind the spread of the video of this little accident with Cybertruck, thought to have been used by Elon Musk, people started joking about Cybertruck.

“The bad traffic cone is torn by the raw power of the steel triangular monster, Bir a Twitter user said. Another Twitter user is kırma breaking a traffic cone to show Cybertruck’s power? I loved it! ”

It seems that we will continue to face such news and jokes until Cybertruck is released. Once we start seeing Cybertruck on the road, we can’t even imagine what the car will see.


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