Elon Musk introduced Neuralink: All the details


Elon Musk first announced the Neuralink project in 2017. The aim of the project is to bring the human mind to the closest point with the computer and solve chronic diseases with the chip. This human-machine interface, which is frequently the subject of science fiction productions, has so far not gone beyond prototypes. Elon Musk introduced the project live and answered the questions.

Elon Musk introduces Neuralink technology live

The starting point of the rumors that “a chip will be inserted in our brain” is actually the first Neuralink meeting held last year. The meeting, in which the second meeting is planned to be held today, was broadcast live on YouTube. Although the broadcast started half an hour later, it had quite a full content.

As stated from the beginning, the purpose of the publication is not to collect investments, but to try to include people who want to take part in this project. Those who think they have the competence to take part in the project can contact [email protected] e-mail address.

Neuralink project; It will cure memory loss, hearing loss, vision problems, paralysis, depression, insomnia, pain, seizures and many brain diseases. Damaged functions will be reusable thanks to the Neuralink implant.

It will take less than an hour for the Neuralink implant to be placed in a human, and the patient will be discharged the same day. However, there will be no need for local anesthesia.

Neuralink will be able to be removed without any problems if someone with this implant stops using the implant or if an upgrade is needed on the chip.

The device that the implant will send data to can be a smart watch or a phone. The chip will use Bluetooth technology, and will be able to send data to devices within 10 meters. The live FitBit metaphor is based on this, just like a smartwatch.

This robot will take charge of placing the implant on a person. The operation boot, which is in its second version, will be found in operations with a surgeon.

ameliyat robotu

In the presentation made last year, the architecture of the implant was shown in a different way. It seems that major changes have been made in the architecture upon the work done.

elon musk neuralink canlı yayın

The features and real appearance of the implant are as follows:

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elon musk neuralink canlı yayın

The charging process will be done with a cable as you can see in the image.

implant şarj sistemi

In the live broadcast, this implant was tested on a pig. When the nose of the pig with the chip touched a surface, the signals were transmitted wirelessly to the server. This showed us what a high sensitivity value it has.

A single implant can communicate over 1024 channels. The battery life of the implant will be sufficient for the whole day. It will take overnight to recharge. Each channel can both read the data and make additions to the data. Each of these channels will be faster than the brain’s literacy speed.

neuralink teknik özellikleri

Questions directed to Elon Musk:

Q: Will the information coming from the implant be interpreted as software or hardware?

A: Thanks to a special algorithm, data exchange will be done through software.

Q: What can this technology do if it goes beyond interpreting brain signals? Can it cure blindness, for example?

A: We can cure some diseases if we have the technology to process brain systems.

Q: How fast are the read and write speeds of the channels on the chip?

A: Now, the reading and writing speed of each channel is faster than the human brain. It will be even faster in the future.

Q: If this chip can get that much access to the human brain, can it back up memory? Can people with memory loss later get their memory back?

A: Yes, the memory can be backed up and used as a restore point if required. It can even be loaded onto a robot. The future will be very strange!

Q: What programming languages ​​did you use in the software of the chip?

A: We used almost every language, but the important thing is not what language was used but how it was used. We mainly used C ++ and Python.

Q: Can this technology be hacked?

A: We take precautions in this regard and try to improve our security system.

Q: What will be the price of this operation?

A: The price may be high at first, but over time we will try to reduce the cost of this operation to several thousand dollars.


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