Elon Musk helped discover antibodies against covid-19


Last week, Nature Communications published a study co-written by Elon Musk reporting on scientific advances related to covid-19. According to the document, patients who contracted the disease and had mild or moderate symptoms developed less antibodies and, therefore, have less immunity against the coronavirus.

Similarly, the study found evidence to suggest a “minimum number of antibodies” needed for an individual’s total immunization. On the other hand, data related to protection against reinfection are still not accurate enough and thus remain unconfirmed.

In this context, the group of researchers also stated that the vaccine produces an immune response more effective than the present in cases of patients who developed few or no symptoms.

The study counted on the voluntary participation of almost 4,300 SpaceX employees, subject to blood tests carried out every 40 days. Despite having obtained significant results, the authors emphasize that about 92% of the participants were male, with an average age of 31 years – which can negatively influence part of the data.

Listed as one of the co-authors of the research, Elon Musk became involved in several controversies related to the pandemic and misinformation in March last year – interestingly a month before SpaceX volunteers were invited to participate in the study, in April. In the same period, Tesla’s CEO also claimed in his Twitter that the United States would register “probably almost zero new cases” by the end of the month and, since then, the country has registered 500 thousand deaths due to Covid-19.

The study was carried out with the collective collaboration of almost 30 professionals from different fields, including researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centers and Howard Hughes, SpaceX, among others. The project was financed by US government entities, the Gates Foundation, NASA and Musk himself.

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