Elon Musk and Grimes had to change the baby’s name


The strange name of the son of Elon Musk and Grimes had to be changed. The change, however, did not make the baby’s name any less exotic. What was “X Æ A-12” became “X Æ A-Xii”. It was Grimes who announced the change on Instagram, informing the new spelling, after being questioned by a follower.

Although Grimes did not go into details about the change, some people on the internet had been assuming that the baby’s original name would not be accepted in California notary offices, where Musk’s company Tesla is based. The reason would be the fact that the state does not accept symbols, numbers or Roman numerals on birth certificates. And that was exactly the explanation that the family lawyer gave to People magazine.

In California, names need only contain characters from the English alphabet. Hyphens are allowed, but it seems that the “Æ” ended up going through sheer goodwill. 12 could not be like XII, because it would be a Roman numeral there. The way was to use “Xii”.

Presumably, the change should not influence the pronunciation of the name.

Musk’s son is not the first “celebrity” to attract attention because of his name. In 1993, the late singer Prince, changed his name to a symbol that did not even have a pronunciation. The visual representation of the artist’s name was in effect for seven years, when, in the year 2000, he returned to simply using Prince.

Meanwhile, the name of Musk’s son continues to inspire meme creators over the internet, as we can see in the tweet below:


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