Elon Musk gives good news for Tesla’s iOS app


Elon Musk, head of SpaceX, made a new announcement about the two-factor authentication system developed for the iOS app of his Tesla company. A new era will begin in the name of Tesla car models.

Two-factor authentication system coming for Tesla application

A Twitter user with the username “Cybergrade” asked Elon Musk to provide information about this security mechanism. “Cybergrade”, which implies that the identity software has been developed since last year, made Elon Musk talk about this issue.

Elon Musk stated that it was too late for this system and he was ashamed of it. The business person of South African origin said that this software, which includes an SMS authentication system, has been subjected to the final checks.

Tesla uygulaması

The iOS-based application produced for Tesla provides a driver with a lot of technical information about his car. In addition, this application has features such as monitoring the charging process, controlling the air conditioning, changing the music played, and locating the vehicle with the navigation system.

In addition, the Tesla application, which controls the lights of the vehicle, locks the car remotely and thus protects it from thieves, becomes a key and protects the vehicle when combined with Bluetooth.

Tesla uygulaması iki faktörlü kimlik doğrulama

The two-factor authentication system will protect the drivers of Tesla-manufactured cars from hackers. Because hackers can steal all passwords of a driver and steal that person’s car.

It is not clear when this system will be available to all users. Elon Musk, who managed to come up with the messages he shared, is aware that many drivers are waiting for the new security system.


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