Elon Musk, Father For The Eighth Time And This Is The Curious Name Of His Daughter


Elon Musk and singer Grimes have become parents for the second time. Knowing the very peculiar couple, who comes close to eccentricity , the focus of attention was on the name chosen for the little girl. And they have not disappointed. She is called, none other than Exa Dark Sideræl .

The proud parents have explained that this name has a very special meaning for them, since it is a combination of a programming function for the computer, with the unknown hidden in outer space, whose conquest is one of the great aspirations , and obsessions, from the billionaire owner of Tesla. However, and with the aim of facilitating her life in the near future for her daughter, the couple has also explained that they have already coined a family diminutive and will call her simply Y.

An original name for a story just as unique and full of mystery. Despite the short life of Exa, the little girl came into the world last December through a surrogate mother, the way in which her birth has been made public is somewhat bizarre, since it was revealed by an oversight of her mother .

And it is that while the DJ also conducted an interview by video call, the journalist’s attention was not focused on the statements of the Oblivion singer , but on the sound of a baby crying. Finally, and to the surprise of the interviewer, she explained that the one who was crying was her, until then, unknown second daughter of hers. There is no doubt that this is a coming out of the norm .

Exa is the couple’s second daughter together, but the eighth of the South African businessman, who despite being the head of a large family does not have a highly developed paternal instinct. As he himself explained in an interview for The New York Times , ” babies are just eating and pooping machines , I don’t have much to do, their mother takes care of almost everything, when she gets older I’ll have a more important role”, affirmed the millionaire, confirming that he is not a particularly familiar person.

Surely Exa will become the best playmate of her brother, who was born in 2020, and who also has a rather unique name, X Æ A-Xii. Nice news is the birth of the little girl who arrives shortly after the announcement of her parents’ semi-divorce, a term that the programmer himself used to refer to his current sentimental situation, and which comes to say that despite not being together as conventional couple, they still love each other and enjoy time together.

And it is that Elon Musk is currently experiencing a turning point in his life , since being completely focused on the conquest of the space race, he has made the decision to sell all his properties, to move to live in a small apartment of 37 square meters , which correspond to the workers of his company Tesla. A radical change to try to achieve a dream within the reach of very few.