Elon Musk explained why SN10 explode


The SN10 Starship Tool of Spacex seemed to have deduced from the prototype test flight after a successful descent. But the vehicle has exploded on the landing track after about a minute and caused a great fire as in other test vehicles.

Elon Musk has given the response from Twitter

After the intervening time, the Elon Musk explained what was wrong with the responses to followers on Twitter. Spacex CEO, the SN10 engine is probably low because the “fuel title tank is swallowed” from the tank of partial helium “and stated that the pulse’s rocket’s legs crush.

Following this reply of Elon Musk, Chris Bergin from NASA SpaceFlight, while he saw that the helium intake is caused by the pressurization system added to the CH4 tank to prevent the inflation of SN8 Starship.

After a cancellation of the last second in the first to remember, Spacex has thrown SN10 Starship shuttle to the world’s 10 kilometers and made a high altitude test flight. SN10, Boca Chica, which is more smoothly maneuvered than earlier tests, has a soft way from the pad on the pad in TX.

However, the Starship has been a very strange event after just a few minutes from landing down the sn10 and ending Spacex’s live broadcast. SN10 participated in other precursors by exploding over Pad.

After partially unsuccessful SN10, Spacex is preparing to perform the test flight of SN11. However, no explanation was made from the space company on which the SN11 will be held at the date.


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