Elon Musk Explained Like a Lesson About Failures


Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world, has many companies that almost everyone knows today. In any of these attempts, Musk did not go through the roads covered with roses, he encountered many problems. However, the famous businessman thought these mistakes were a necessity.

According to Forbes, Elon Musk, the 28th richest person in the world, with a fortune of $ 34.8 billion, experienced great “misfortunes” during the promotion of Tesla Cybertruck. In the test to demonstrate the safety of the vehicle, both windows from which the stone was thrown were shattered. These were perhaps the last thing an entrepreneur who wanted to promote his product would want to happen.

However, these misfortunes were suddenly placed on the agenda of both the mainstream media and social media and attracted their attention. In other words, it would be wrong to say that all these events are completely unfortunate.

Elon Musk’s view of the error
In fact, the famous billionaire had predicted this mistake from the very beginning. According to Marcel Schwantes of Inc, Musk had shown “quite a big humility” when starting the project. Speaking at an energy conference in Norway, Musk said, “You have to adopt that you are wrong. Your goal is to be less faulty. ”

Regarding errors and problems, Musk says: “When you start a company, there are a lot of optimism and thoughts that everything will be good. At first happiness is very high. Then you encounter problems, and happiness constantly decreases. You live with many pain. However, if you learn from your mistakes, you will find a way out. Finally, if you succeed you will regain happiness ”

Stating that well-thought criticism is also very valuable, Musk said, “Your friends generally know what is wrong. However, they do not want to tell you because they do not want to upset you. ” Musk also states that even if you disagree with the comebacks, you should listen carefully to what they say.

In short, Musk thinks that the mistakes encountered on the road to success are a necessity and “failure is an option. “If something doesn’t fail, you’re not innovative enough.”


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