Elon Musk: Epic Games is Right in Lawsuit Against Apple


Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk sided with Epic Games in the developer’s court case against Apple. The businessman claimed that the owner of Fortnite is the right side of the story from a Twitter post.

“Apple’s app store fees are, in effect, a global tax on the internet. Epic is right,” says Musk.

In the post, the entrepreneur comments on the mandatory App Store fee on microtransactions or paid downloads — which can reach 30% of each financial transaction for major brands. This is one of Epic Games’ main complaints in court, in addition to the impossibility of opening an iOS “in-store store” and not being able to promote payment methods outside the Apple ecosystem. The verdict has not yet been released.

Musk didn’t mention, however, that other online environments also have similar rates, including Android. He also did not speak again about the case of the social network nor did he justify the post, but some international vehicles have a hunch: on the same day of publication, rumors about the backstage of the negotiation between Tesla and Apple in 2016 began to circulate, including with a rift between him and Apple CEO Tim Cook.


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