Elon Musk Deceived People By Saying He Is Distributing $ 750 Million Bitcoin


Elon Musk name was involved in fraud. A cryptocurrency user in the UK lost £ 9,000 worth of Bitcoin to a network that deceived people using the names of Elon Musk and Tesla.

A person named Julie Bushnell, who teaches in Brighton, sent Bitcoin with the idea that she would earn twice the money she sent to a wallet. Bushnell thought these Bitcoins were distributed for free by Tesla.

“It plans to distribute 750 million”

Cryptocurrency scammers copied BBC News’s site and designed a site similar to it. Then, “Tesla bought $ 1.5 billion bitcoin, planning to distribute 750 million of it to people.” A cuff in the form was entered.

Using the name of Elon Musk, fraudsters said that if they send Bitcoin to a certain address, twice the money they send to that address will be delivered to them.

“I wish I could get back time”

While the exact scale of the hit is unknown, it has been announced that Bushnell alone sent £ 9,000 of Bitcoin to this address.

Speaking to the BBC, the crypto money investor said “every minute of every day he thinks about this transaction” and said, “I wish I could get back the time. If I don’t jump into a time machine and hit those few keys. ” said. Bushnell reported the scammers to the Sussex police.


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