Elon Musk Criticizes Tesla’s Self-Driving software


The most current beta version of Tesla‘s newly released autonomous driving software seems to have not pleased Elon Musk, the automaker’s commander. In a tweet published on Monday (23), the executive left his impression about the latest update of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) system.

“FSD Beta 9.2 actually isn’t very good, but the Autopilot/IA team is striving to improve it as quickly as possible,” Musk wrote in response to a post related to the feature. In the message, he also said that the company is working on a single build for highways and streets, but that this requires new training.

The billionaire did not mention which points of the autonomous driving system need improvement, after observing what the software can do. He apparently shares the same feelings as some Tesla car owners who tried the program and didn’t like it, as CNET recalls.

Interestingly, Musk changed his mind a few hours after posting the critical remark. In the same Twitter thread, he added a new message, stating that he had just tested the FSD Beta 9.3 on the way between Pasadena and the airport in Los Angeles (United States), commenting that the software was “very much improved”.

An “almost autonomous” car

Available to a limited and willing audience, the beta version of Tesla’s autonomous driving software is presented by the automaker as an “advanced driver assistance system”. It assists the driver in steering, accelerating and braking, in addition to being able to detect cars and pedestrians.

Contrary to what the name implies, it is not a completely autonomous car, as the system requires the presence and supervision of the driver. Those interested in testing the technology must pay a monthly subscription of US$199 or purchase the feature for US$10,000, in addition to shelling out US$1,500 to upgrade their Tesla’s hardware.


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