Elon Musk Criticizes Metaverse And Says Neuralink Will Be Better


Elon Musk: In a recent interview with the satirical program The Babylon Bee, Elon Musk said he doesn’t believe in the current concept of the metaverse, much less that it will revolutionize the world. However, he adds that a possible and much better alternative is Neuralink, a chip that will be surgically implanted in users’ brains.

According to the billionaire, it’s uncomfortable to have to wear heavy equipment over your head all the time to get into virtual reality. He also doesn’t believe that VR glasses can deliver the experience of a metaverse, as he has a screen in front of your face preventing you from believing it’s real.

“It’s uncomfortable to have this thing [VR glasses] strapped to your head all the time. I think we are far from disappearing into the metaverse. In the long run, a sophisticated Neuralink could put you totally, totally in virtual reality,” Musk said during the interview.


One of Musk’s points is that the technology is not yet so advanced for a virtual universe to exist, and none of the current versions have convinced him — he certainly doesn’t seem to appreciate Facebook’s metaverse. “I don’t see anyone wearing a damn face screen all day. I can’t see a convincing metaverse situation,” he said.

Elon also criticized Web 3.0 and said that this decentralized world concept seems more like marketing than reality. Tesla’s CEO believes that Web 3.0 will not democratize the internet, it should just take some people out of power and put in others.