Elon Musk Criticizes Bill Gates for “Limited Understanding” of AI


Elon Musk accused Microsoft founder Bill Gates of having a “limited understanding” of artificial intelligence (AI) in response to an essay published by Gates about AI and its possible applications.

AI has become the latest buzzword to appear on the internet, with the advent of popular programs such as ChatGPT on social networks.

ChatGPT responds to queries and can generate a complete response, and videos have already begun to spread about how college students are caught when they use them to write essays, among other things.

The use of AI on a more global scale in other ways, such as art or music, has yet to be discovered, as it is still somewhat of a niche, although naturally there is a group of people who work extensively with AI who understand it far away. better.

However, according to Elon Musk, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is not one of those people. In a tweet posted on March 27, Musk said: “I remember the first meetings with Gates. His understanding of AI was limited. Still.”

This happened just a few days after Gates published his essay “The Age of AI has Begun,” in which he called ChatGPT the second demonstration of a technology he ever considered “revolutionary.” In 2019, Microsoft supported the creator of ChatGPT OpenAI, allocating $ 1 billion.

Gates and Musk have always had a rather complicated relationship, at least as seen on the Internet with comments.

In 2020, Musk stated that his conversations with Gates were always “not impressionable”, despite the fact that in 2018 Gates celebrated Musk’s work on creating an artificial intelligence team to beat the best in Dota 2.


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