Elon Musk Claims That Tesla Did Not Sell His Bitcoin Units


Elon Musk: Last Wednesday, Tesla announced that it would no longer accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, and the news generated a historic devaluation of the cryptocurrency, taking investors by surprise. In addition, Elon Musk suggested, in interaction with a follower last Sunday (16), that he did not rule out the sale of the rest of his digital assets. However, in a tweet published onetm (17), the businessman answered some questions and stated that no unit left the “coffers”.

This declaration alone was enough for a partial recovery of the amounts, which reached US $ 44,680 (about R $ 236 thousand in direct conversion) at 15:35 (Brasília time) on Monday, according to the CNBC.

That’s because, when a user of the social network defended the executive (on Sunday), saying that he would perfectly understand the decision to get rid of the reserves due to the wave of hatred received by the figure in the last few days, he did not disagree. “Indeed,” he said, lighting up a red alert for those who accompany him – disproving rumors a day later.

Even though he is openly a supporter of such initiatives, Elon’s attention, previously directed towards Bitcoin, has turned to Dogecoin, although he has profited more than US $ 101 million (about R $ 532 million in direct conversion) from the sale of units who were the favorites at the time. As a justification for the suspension, he cited concern about the “increasing use of fossil fuels for mining”, causing a 5% drop in the first few minutes after the announcement.

In any case, there are specialists who do not take kindly to this coming and going performed by such an influential personality.

New players

Fred Wilson, a founding partner of Union Square Ventures and a well-known venture capitalist, also made sharp comments on Twitter last Friday (14). “[Elon Musk] is joking. It’s hard to take someone who does this seriously. I lost a lot of respect for him last year because of these events. I respect him deeply for what he does with his talents; not for what he does with his tweets. . ”

In any case, SpaceX, also from the billionaire, announced last week that it would accept Dogecoin as payment to launch the Doge-1 lunar mission, which boosted the coin’s price and increased its acceptance among some operators.

For example, Coinbase, the exchange platform, said it will offer the option in the next six to eight weeks – while others, like Robinhood and Binance, already allow users to trade it.


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