Elon Musk Claims That Cybertruck Will Swim In His Tweet


Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked a question about Cybertruck’s water resistance. Musk stated that Cybertruck can swim in the water for a while. Musk, who previously made such claims about his vehicles, did not elaborate further.

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked about Cybertruck’s ability to get through the water, Musk claimed that the vehicle could float without sinking for a while. A Twitter user told Musk, “Have you ever thought about the depth of Cybertruck passing through the water? I’m hunting, fishing, and sometimes I have to cross the river. Can I do this without harming my vehicle?” asked a question.

Musk responded to the user as “Yes. It can even swim for a while”. Apart from that, Musk chose not to specify extra information such as how long the vehicle could stay on the water. Musk had previously made some claims about Tesla vehicles, such as not being stuck on water, while features were not yet clear.

Model S can also swim:
Another vehicle developed by the company, Model S, floats well enough to be used as a boat for a short time. In 2016, after Electrek reported that the car had passed through the water-filled tunnel, Musk tweeted about the vehicle’s leak-proof battery assembly. “Maybe he will even let a Tesla fly,” Musk said about the engines of the Tesla Roadster model in 2018.

Cybertruck made a lot of noise:
Tesla announced the Cybertruck vehicle in November last year. The vehicle made a lot of noise with its largest engine, with a range of up to 804 kilometers. It was very talked that the design was not similar to other tools. Some people liked the design of the vehicle, while others made it a mockery. Tesla produces the stainless steel outside Cybertruck itself, and this steel never bends.

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It is not known whether Cybertruck can actually swim, but it can be said that the vehicle is in a better position than other vehicles in the same segment. Cybertruck may become an electric pick-up family in the future.


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