Elon Musk Checked For DOGE Before May 8


Elon Musk had a pulse check for Dogecoin (DOGE) before its Saturday Night Live (SNL) broadcast on May 8. People who encountered Elon Musk asked him to bring Dogecoin to the agenda during the broadcast.

Elon Musk is preparing to host on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Elon Musk shared a tweet on May 2, saying that he started thinking about the jokes he would make on the show, and asked people for advice.

Saturday Night Live will start at 23:30 on May 8, Eastern Time.

“Is DOGE the first choice?”

Elon Musk also asked the same question to the reporters who came across in the street yesterday. Saying that he felt “good” before the program, the name said, “What do you think should I do?” he asked.

After the “DOGE” response increased from the group that faced Elon Musk, Musk’s comment was “Is DOGE the first choice?” happened. Elon Musk, addressed to him, “Are you going to joke too much about DOGE?” He answered the question by saying “We will see.”

The first image came from the studio

Edward Moya, Oanda’s senior market analyst, wrote the following note in his report dated May 4:

“Cryptocurrency traders don’t want to miss out on Elon Musk Saturday Night Live broadcast over the weekend, and that’s why the Dogecoin price is soaring. There is no doubt that Musk will make jokes about cryptocurrencies that maybe go viral for a few days. ”

Saturday Night Live shared Elon Musk first photo in the studio.



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