Elon Musk changed job title: Tesla Technoking


The Elon Musk portfolio has added a job title. As if it is not enough to be the CEO of more than one company, he is now “Tesla’s Technoking”.

In addition to the Musk, the company’s CFO has a new position in Zac Kirkhorn. As a result of the change, Kirkhorn will continue to task with the title of Master of Coin.

Tesla’s head is not getting rid of trouble

The Tesla announced the changes in the TESLA, securities and the exchange commission file as determined by the VERGE. As a result of these changes, the company’s top managers have the odd job titles, it will still carry out CEO and CFO tasks.

Except for these developments, the company has more serious problems to deal recently. As soon as you will remember, California, Fremont is a fire in the Fremont factory and it turned out to be a case of Hundreds of COVID-19 reported in the same factory last year.

In addition, a Tesla investor sued the Elon Musk and the Company after he was claimed that it did not comply with the terms of a SEC agreement on Tweets.

According to the opened case, Chase Gharrity accused the MUSK that affects Tesla’s share price and continued to send unevenly “to send unattended tweets that are exposed to potential fines.


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