Elon Musk Buries Former Earth Bill Gates And Warren Buffett Early


Elon Musk: Two names who once had the title of the richest person in the world; Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett are still in the top 10. However, the new owner of the summit, Elon Musk, is now richer than the sum of both. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, has been showing that he will rise to the top of the list of the richest people, which he entered the top 50 only 2 years ago, with the steps he has taken for years. Tesla, with its new factory in Berlin, Germany, where it will produce a car body and beer in 45 seconds; While clinching its place as the world’s largest automobile company, this situation also worked for the company’s CEO, Elon Musk.

91-year-old investor Warren Buffett, born in 1930; He spent most of the 2000s as the richest person in the world, and then left his place to Bill Gates, whom we are talking about with scandals. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos replaced Gates in 2020 with the effect of the pandemic. Although Bernard Arnault, owner of Louis Vuitton and textile emperor, joined the competition, Elon Musk, the most extraordinary example of technology bosses, was almost enough.

Elon Musk is now as rich as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined:

Musk’s fortune is currently 230 billion (!) dollars. Bill Gates, 6th on the list, has $130 billion, while Warren Buffett, 10th, has $100 billion. Buffett and Gates, who are now in their prime, have spent many years spending their fortunes on art baskets, charities and causes. On the other hand, Musk, who is the young side of the list, and Jeff Bezos, who has exactly 195 billion dollars, continue to compete for the summit. Of course, Musk has put a serious difference on Bezos in a short time. The space rivalry between the two is another topic on the agenda.


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