Elon Musk Brought This Meme Coin To Ukraine!


Self-proclaimed meme lord and father of Dogecoin (DOGE), Elon Musk has landed in Ukraine to celebrate the withdrawal of Russian troops from the legendary city of Kyiv.

Elon Musk is in Ukraine with DOGE!

We’re reporting as Somanews, before the surprise visit, a super secret mission was underway to bring the richest man in the world and one of the most influential men of this generation into a war zone.

We were able to snap a photo of Elon Musk and what looks like a Doge in what appears to be a space suit heading towards Europe’s eastern borders.

He landed overnight for a warm welcome in front of a select group in what appears to be the background of a rocket landing.

We are not aware of such a site in Ukraine, so this may be Starlink HQ, where they coordinate space communication technology in Ukraine.

Ukrainians woke up later this morning to a huge statue of Elon Musk riding a Doge while holding a victory trophy. Curious onlookers were seen wondering what NFE could mean. We think it means Not in Europe.

This was a sign that as Kiev’s city center was transformed into a showground, today’s day was going to be extraordinary, this time for good. Elon Musk showed up with his dog as shown in the featured image.

He enthusiastically greeted the audience and even let some of them pet the very happy dog ​​that got most of the attention. The duo then took to the stage and put on a spectacular show that kept the crowd entertained for an hour.

The young men and women jumped to the beat in an unforgettable moment as the crowd joined in with great cheers and tears of joy. When the concert was over, Elon Musk attended some kind of ceremony in Kiev’s central cathedral, the iconic dome we all know now.

Elon Musk’s speech that touched the community!

In his speech to the attendees, Musk said that in our time, under the holy banner of liberalism, he has gathered European defenders across all seven seas to support the will for freedom.

“A lot went well in our heroic defense of Kiev,” he said. Actually just too much for men to think about. “God is with us!” she cried. “Oree,” the crowd replied. Musk said Putin could claim he is a third Rome. But from the carnage of Russian troops, from the destruction at their highest echelon, we have clearly seen that God is not with Putin.

Where is Putin’s god? Musk claimed that he was neither on this earth nor in heaven. So now we must not only defend, but move forward to declare forever more that Europe is free and that Europe will always remain under freedom.

“From the islands of Japan to Georgia, the oppressed Caucasus and the Crimea, the rule of man under the righteous god can prevail over the fantasies of fallen angels. Because god showed up in the theater of the last 35 days in Ukraine and god is not with Putin. God is with us!!” said.

Musk made his final bird: “So let your souls ascend to the powers of heaven, a human spirit that still remains a great mystery, and continue to show its extraordinary nature, now Kyiv is liberated and all of Ukraine stands on the brink of existence. For freedom, for European democracy, for the victory of Ukraine and for the victory of the Heroes!”

He then disguised himself as a street vagrant and within hours somehow found himself in his high-tech headquarters in the United States.