Elon Musk becomes the richest person in the world


Elon Musk officially became the richest person on the planet this Thursday (7). With a fortune valued at $ 188 billion, the entrepreneur surpassed Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, with his “mere” $ 187 billion. “How strange,” he posted on his Twitter profile. “Well, let’s get back to work,” he added in the publication.

The novelty marks yet another chapter in a long history of rivalry between the two. Just to give you an idea, Bezos would have been frustrated with the $ 1.3 billion incentive package granted to Musk by the state of Nevada (USA) for the construction of his new Gigafactory, and this would have been the reason that led him to hold a real contest aimed at cities interested in installing Amazon’s second operations center in their territories.

In addition, Elon was successful in acquiring a NASA property in competition with Jeff himself; as the two have space companies (Blue Origin and SpaceX), the fight, of course, led to an exchange of barbs about the technologies they develop in the sector.

It is no secret, however, the meteoric rise of the Tesla owner: it only took a few weeks for him to move from the second place in the Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index, reached in November 2020, to the first today.

“Poor in money, financially illiquid”

Musk owns 20% of Tesla’s shares, and the company’s appreciation over the past year was largely responsible for the achievement announced this afternoon. The mass production of electric vehicles and the growing interest of the population in the acquisition of these products counted many points in favor of their figures, not to mention that the pandemic helped a lot in the increase of their personal fortune, something common to many billionaires.

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Despite all this power, Elon declared, in 2019, to be “poor in money” and “financially illiquid”, the year in which he considered selling “almost all the physical goods” he owned, mainly for investing a large part of the money he receives in new developments – action that would have made it possible, for example, to create its two main companies when it became a millionaire some years ago.

Recalling that the ranking lists well-known fortunes, not those that run away from traditional records, and that there are those, such as Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, and Mohammed bin Salman, Prince of Saudi Arabia, who certainly would not be left out of the podium, with sums that are considered incalculable.


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