Elon Musk Appreciates Sandy Munro, Who Tears Up And Inspects Tesla Model Y


Elon Musk, CEO of the electric car maker Tesla, appreciated Sandy Munro, who disassembled and examined the Tesla Model Y. Munro recently launched a series of videos that Tesla had smashed Model Y, one of her favorites, and examined it.

Sandy Munro, the founder of Munro & Associates, who provides consultancy services on production, is a name that especially the Tesla vehicles follow closely. Munro, who previously shared with Tesla vehicles, launched a series of videos that Tesla has dismissed and examined Model Y, one of her favorites.

While Munro examined the cables, brakes and rear body of the electric vehicle in his last video, an answer to this video came from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Stressing that he is open to constructive criticism at every opportunity, Musk said in his statement on Twitter that he appreciated quality critical feedback from Munro.

Munro said the Tesla team was pleased with the work they did in Model Y:
Elon Musk and Tesla are known for taking into account people’s criticism and opinions, as long as they are constructive and help develop the company’s tools and other products. So it is not surprising that Musk appreciates the advice and feedback from a specialist car consultant.

In his latest video, which he disassembled Tesla Model Y, Munro discussed the car’s cables and brakes. Stating that he is satisfied with the extra effort of Tesla on low voltage cables, the expert added that Tesla has done an excellent job in terms of quality. In another video where Model Y has examined the brakes, Munro said the brake calipers on this vehicle are much heavier and stronger than Model 3.

Munro, who managed to earn the respect of Elon Musk with his reviews, plans to disassemble Model Y until the last bolt in the following days. Once the vehicle has been completely shattered and inspected, we will have the opportunity to make a complete comparison between Model 3 and Model Y.


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