Elon Musk Announces They Will Distribute Artificial Respirators For Free


Elon Musk announced that Tesla can distribute artificial respiratory devices to the world for free, using the distribution network, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The statement came at a time when demands for respirators were already increasing against the coronavirus outbreak.

US entrepreneur Elon Musk said in his statement on his official Twitter account that they have FDA-approved artificial respirators. These devices are used for coronavirus patients who have difficulty breathing.

While the number of coronavirus patients is increasing day by day, the artificial respiratory devices in use are not enough to meet the increasing demand. Musk states that the devices will be sent to the hospitals in Tesla’s delivery regions, and the device and delivery will be provided free of charge, and the respiratory devices must be used for emergency patients.

Free artificial breathing apparatus delivery from Musk:
On March 23, Elon Musk donated more than 1,200 artificial respirators from China to Los Angeles. Meeting with Elon Musk, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “We are very grateful, by sending artificial respirators to hospitals in the region. We need every device to save lives. ”

Tesla’s vehicle production facility in California and the solar power plant in New York are expected to be used for artificial respirator production. “Giga New York will be reopened as soon as possible for the production of breathing apparatus,” Musk said in a statement. We will do everything we can to help New York citizens. ”

Tesla is expected to start producing Medtronic devices soon. Omar Ishrak, CEO of Medtronic, announced that Tesla is working quickly to develop and launch the PB 980 artificial respirator. While the coronavirus epidemic was continuing, Elon Musk was applauded by the public for mobilizing their production facilities for the production of these devices, their efforts to help the public, and their willingness to call for health.

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