Elon Musk Announces Why Cybertruck’s Glass Breaks


Cybertruck Tesla introduced at the end of last week, does not fall from the agenda. Elon Musk made a statement about the broken glass during the launch, explained the reason for the vehicle’s glass breakage.

Although its place in our lives is not based on past periods, Tesla, which shapes the automobile sector with the technologies it has developed, announced the new pick-up model last week. Called “Cybertruck , it seems to have come from science fiction films, and with its interesting design and robustness, it was able to draw attention. However, during the introduction of the new vehicle was an unexpected event.

Tesla’s new pick-up stands out with its robust design as well as its interesting design. The car is made of stainless steel and the windows are not broken. However, Tesla Cybertruck’s glass broke unexpectedly during the promotion. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Cybertruck presentation of this event after the event could not hide the surprise of the vehicle’s broken windows completed.

Millions of people began to think the same thing after promotional activities. “Why did the glass called shatterproof break?” Of course, this question was also asked by Tesla officials and an internal investigation was initiated. Within the scope of this investigation, it was tried to understand why the windows of the vehicle became that. Now an official statement was made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The torture of the vehicle during the launch wasn’t just about the glass. The team also hit the front door of the car with a large sledgehammer to show the robustness of the car’s stainless steel body. In fact, this test was very successful because the left front door of the vehicle against the sledgehammer blows “Are you me?” He did not say. According to Musk, the main reason for the damage to the glass of the vehicle was not the iron ball that was thrown on the glass, but the sledgehammer itself.

Elon Musk explained why the glass was broken through a response sent to him by a follower on Twitter. Musk, the front door of the vehicle with a sledgehammer hit, unbreakable called damage to the lower part of the glass, so the iron ball ruined the glass, he said. What about the rear window? At the launch, only the left front door of the vehicle was hit with a sledgehammer. Elon Musk did not explain why the rear window was damaged.

Although there is no official explanation for the rear window, we have unconfirmed information. According to a Tesla employee, Cybertuck’s windshield is armored. But there is no such durability on the rear window. In fact, this unconfirmed statement may be ‘true’ and the rear window may therefore be unable to withstand the iron ball. However, the final statement will be made in an official statement by Tesla.


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