Elliot Page married to Emma Portner,


But who is Emma Portner, Elliot Page’s wife? To find out everything, this is where it happens. Braver than ever, Elliot Page recently announced he is transgender in a moving testimony. 

A touching coming-out that moved both stars and anonymous people. The actor has received an incredible wave of support on social media. He was also able to count on the infallible presence of his wife Emma Portner who sent him a tender message on Instagram, before finally deleting his account because of the cyberbullying of the detractors. Rest assured, the lovebirds are still just as welded. But what do we really know about the one who shares the life of the actor? Here is some info on the young woman.

Emma Portner was born on November 26, 1994 in Halifax, Canada. The young woman is therefore of Canadian origin and grew up in Ottawa, Ontario. However, when she turned 16, she left town to pursue her dream of becoming a great dancer.


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