Elliot Page and the cast of Umbrella Academy react after the extension and receiving notification of the final season in one go


While Netflix has an endless supply of content, some of them, such as “Very Strange Things,” stand out as fan favorites. Umbrella Academy has brought a new type of comic book project to the streaming juggernaut with a stellar cast playing members of the Hargreaves family. Elliot Page and other actors reacted to the extension and notification of the final season in one go.

The third season of Umbrella Academy aired in June of this year and ended with another large-scale cliffhanger for the titled superhero team. Fans were hoping that an update was coming, and season 4 was really on the way. But it will also be the finale for the Netflix series. Elliot Page was one of many actors who reacted to the news by posting on his Instagram story:

OK, but “Brelli” is actually a very cute name for fans of the Umbrella Academy (opens in new tab). In addition to the fan’s name, Elliot Page took the time to thank those who supported the Netflix series. And while the end of the Hargreaves’ journey on the small screen may be bittersweet, the “Juno” star seems happy to have the opportunity to show the final season. We just have to wait and see how Victor’s story eventually unfolds.

Of course, Elliot Page wasn’t the only actor from the Umbrella Academy who took to social media after news of season 4 became public. Emmy Raver-Lampman plays Allison/Rumor in the Netflix series, and she also reacted to the news with a short but cute Instagram story post. The inscription reads:

For the last time. Thanks

Some members of the Hargreaves family used even fewer words to react to news of the fourth and final season of “Umbrella Academy” on Netflix. Actor Tom Hopper, who played the clumsy Luthor, used two emoticons: an umbrella and a bicep. Seems appropriate given the Number One strength, doesn’t it?

Ritu Arya joined The Umbrella Academy in the second season and remained in the main cast throughout the third season. She reacted with two words to the news about season 4, posting in her Instagram story:

It happens

Umbrella Academy premiered on Netflix in February 2019, after the first season was filmed in 2018. So the actors who have been there since day one have spent a lot of time in the wacky universe of comic book adaptations. This includes Justin H. Min, who plays Ben Hargreaves. He was a recurring character in the first season before being promoted in later installments. Min tweeted about season 4, writing:

Last round. we are grateful that we can say goodbye. It’s all because of you. Thanks.

We just need to see what The Umbrella Academy has up its sleeve for the fourth and final season. Each of the previous three had completely different plots, although they are all based on an apocalyptic event (or two). The season 3 finale left some big questions, especially related to whether the Umbrellas have powers in the universe they found themselves in.

It’s currently unclear when “Umbrella Academy” will return to Netflix with season 4. In the meantime, check out the list of summer premieres to plan your next viewing.


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