Ellen Shared an Emotional Video of Her Last Day on The Show, Remembering How She Spent It With Stephen “tWitch” Boss


After the death of Stephen “tWitch” Boss, many celebrities and friends posted a tribute to the DJ, they wrote about their love and appreciation for him and how nice it was for him to be around and work with him. This included messages from his colleagues So You Think You Can Dance, posts in his honor from “Dancing with the Stars” veterans, as well as videos and tributes from his longtime girlfriend and colleague Ellen DeGeneres.

After it became known about the death of tWitch, DeGeneres posted a sincere message and a photo on social networks. A few weeks later, she posted an emotional video in which she called her friend “pure light” and urged viewers to “laugh,” “hug each other” and “play games” in honor of tWitch.

Along with these recent posts, DeGeneres is also posting excerpts from her show, covering tWtich’s best moments. Most recently, she uploaded a video from the last season in which she and tWtich reflect on how they spent time together on the daytime talk show, and the positive impact it had. It was very emotional, and it became clear how much the show and their friendship meant to them. You can watch the video that DeGeneres posted on Twitter here:


The video shows the longtime talk show host and her DJ sharing an emotional moment as they reflect on how they worked together on the Ellen DeGeneres show. The dancer noted that she “felt everything” for DeGeneres, and they both talked about how “grateful” they were for the special show.

Ellen then talked about her love for tWitch, saying:

We always tell each other that we love each other. Every single day we say goodbye and say that I love you. And this atmosphere is family.

Although the moment was emotional, it was also joyful. They both reflected on how lucky they were and how grateful they were for working on the series for so many years. DeGeneres has hosted the show for 19 years, and tWitch has been by her side as a DJ for eight of them.

The dancer and DJ were loved by DeGeneres, the staff of The Ellen Show and his guests. After longtime Ellen Show producer Andy Lassner posted a tribute to tWtich, popular guests like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner expressed their condolences and love for the dancer.

There was an outpouring of love for the SYTYCD participant who became a judge. Many, from DeGeneres to Jojo Siva, have written about him, and his family has also talked about how much they miss tWitch. His mother posted an emotional image on Instagram saying she wished she could FaceTime her son in heaven.

Little is known about tWitch’s death, except that he committed suicide. However, in the weeks following his death, a huge amount of love and support was given to the dancer and his family.

DeGeneres posts numerous videos and tributes to tWitch, celebrating her love for him and remembering “all the love and laughter” she had with him, as she wrote in a December 15 post. And this latest video from one of the final episodes of the show really shows how much Ellen and tWtich love each other and how much they enjoyed working together.


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