Ellen Pompeo’s biggest mistake in the series


Grey’s Anatomy fans agree that it would be unthinkable to imagine the success of the series, without acknowledging that one of the main factors of it is the participation of actress Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Gray.

Although the most loyal followers of the prestigious program, from the beginning of it, they know that the actress made one of her worst mistakes by not wanting to participate in it, fortunately despite her lack of interest in the role of her, she decided to accept doing the pilot .

Since she began as an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital, Ellen Pompeo’s performance as Meredith Gray has been acclaimed by viewers. And it is that during this time, she has seen her deal with great tragedies, from the loss of her husband to the spread of a bomb.


Asked what would have been Grey’s Anatomy without Ellen Pompeo in the lead role, an interview the actress did when the show celebrated its 200th episode on air has gone viral.


Speaking about her audition history, Pompeo revealed at the time, “I was offered the role of Meredith. She had made a movie for the studio called Moonlight Mile, so the studio was aware of me. ”

Ella Pompeo commented that at that time she was in talks with the famous screenwriters Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman to have a participation in the popular series Alias, something that she did not give. But she also found out that they had written a series called Secret Service that she was very interested in participating in.

“What I really wanted to do was the Secret Service pilot, but the studio wanted me to do Grey’s Anatomy instead. Of course the Secret Service pilot was never. Me and my brilliant choices.”

The actress acknowledged that she decided to work with Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, accepting an invitation, she did not even audition for the role but was simply called by the production of that then unknown program and, thanks to the advice of her agent, she decided to accept the role. pilot because he needed extra money.