Ellen Pompeo very canon shimmering at the PCA!


On her Instagram account, the beautiful Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy appeared radiant at the PCA ceremony

Despite the situation we are living in, because of Covid-19, life seems to have resumed its course on the side of the USA. Indeed, no new declared confinement. This allows the PCAs to be held and to reward the beautiful Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy.

Indeed, the one who manages the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital is not at her first prize during this kind of evening. As she recalled in her speech, she has already received 4 in the past. It must be said that fans adore the actress.

An actress they have followed for several years now. Since we are already in season 17! Ellen Pompeo has become the kind of mom that we follow every week hoping that she will keep her spirits up despite the situations she endures.

In any case, in everyday life, morale, “Meredith Gray” does keep it up. You just have to see her reaction when she receives an award. Regardless, she also took the opportunity to send a message filled with love.

Ellen Pompeo, recalling how difficult 2020 has been.


“The year 2020 has been a challenging year for us. Our series is about love and acceptance. Winning this award is confirmation that people understand and are spreading this idea of ​​love. And to stick together. ”

Let Ellen Pompeo know about this year. Before all the same thank his fans for this award: “Thanks to you, watch this! This is my 5th People’s Choice Awards, I think. He’s very different this year, but I really like him. ”

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For the evening, the actress had put it all out. As you can see later in this article, she went for a sparkly look. Sometimes stinging the eyes despite the omnipresent white on the outfit in question.

In short, Ellen Pompeo knows how to be beautiful and classy whether it is in front of a photocall, or in front of an operating table.


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