Ellen Pompeo, These Characters Will Take Her Place


Recently, star Ellen Pompeo, who plays Grey’s Anatomy main character Meredith Gray, recently said that this could be the last season of the show.

Her contract ended, but viewers wonder if the show could go on without her. While it’s had top billing from the get-go, Grey’s Anatomy has a host of characters that could step in if Pompeo were to leave.

Jo wilson

Viewers could take a journey through her single life much like Meredith’s. Her transformation from an annoying intern to the title character would be great for Grey’s Anatomy becoming the new focal point of the show.

Owen hunt

Owen has his ups and downs just as much as Meredith. In the early stages, Owen was not well liked, but he has greatly changed that. A single parent could be a huge turning point on Grey’s Anatomy and help usher in a new era.

Maggie pierce

Maggie has the potential to take over the main character if her sister left the show. As one of the main supporting characters on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s time for him to get higher billing.

Maggie has had an interesting backstory, but the writers have yet to let her fully shine. Maybe if Meredith isn’t in the picture, a big part of the Grey’s Anatomy show can focus on her growth as a surgeon.

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