Ellen Pompeo revealed how she joined Grey’s Anatomy


Ellen Pompeo is one of the most popular actresses on television over the past two decades, thanks to the great success of ‘Anatomy of Gray’ , the series of ABC and created by Shonda rhyme which currently has 17 seasons to antenna . Recently, it is known that he is going through a difficult period, due to the death of his dog Valentino, his 16-year-old pet.

Fans of the program are counting the days for the return of the new opus, which will take place on March 4 on American television. In Latin America its first broadcast of this season just arrived on Tuesday, February 9, which once again gathered followers and made the series a trending Twitter .

Today nobody imagines ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ without Pompeo in the role of “Dr. Meredith Gray ‘ , but at the beginning of fiction he was not a big star, he only made a few appearances in film and on television. Of course, that all changed years later, becoming one of the highest paid actresses. In an interview revealed how he got to the show .

“I didn’t audition for Meredith Gray; Shonda (Rhimes) and the channel (ABC) offered me the role. Shonda Rhimes was not ‘Shonda Rhimes’ at the time. It wasn’t a big deal, it was just another pilot. ” , Confessed Ellen . You could say the fame came by surprise, since she never imagined what it would be like today, with 17 seasons on the air.

There is a little over a month until the return of the series, but what has been seen so far has pleased fans, since had a long-awaited return of Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey , during a meeting with Meredith in a dream. They have also confirmed that he will have more appearances and even Kate Walsh , the ‘Dra. Addison Montgomery ‘until 2012 said she was ready to return.