Ellen Pompeo is set to produce a series for ABC!


Good news for fans of Ellen Pompeo! The Grey’s Anatomy actress is currently working on a new ABC series! New buzz for Ellen Pompeo! Our favorite Grey’s Anatomy actress is set to produce a brand new series for ABC!

Followed by more than 9 million followers on her Instagram account, Ellen Pompeo keeps talking about her! Since her cult role in the series Grey’s Anatomy, fans love to follow her and discover little bits of her daily life, private and professional!

Unsurprisingly, the young woman therefore panicked the web when she announced that she was working on a brand new series! And yes, this is the good news of the day for fans of Ellen Pompeo!

Indeed, it has been official for a few hours! She will produce for ABC an adaptation of the series of novels “Paradise” written by Elin Hilderbrand.

The ABC channel is therefore developing an adaptation series of the “Paradise” trilogy by writer Elin Hilderbrand. Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo will be given the role of executive producer!


The title of the project will therefore be “Winter in Paradise”! The same name as the first book in the trilogy, the series is already creating a buzz on the web even before being released!

And for good reason… With Ellen Pompeo at the helm, the series is more than promising! You can not find ?

Andre and Maria Jacquemetton are therefore about to write the script and executive product “Winter in Paradise”. Ellen Pompeo will executive produce with Laura Holstein under the Calamity Jane Company banner.

Andrew Stearn will also be executive producer with Hillderbrand. ABC Signature will serve as the studio.

The series will therefore focus on Irene Steele, who shares a dream life in a beautiful house in Iowa City with a husband who loves her madly. But when her husband dies in a somewhat perplexed manner, she soon learns that he is in fact leading a secret life with another family on the remote Caribbean island of Saint John.

Shock! As Irene unravels a web of intrigue and deception, and as she and her sons find themselves drawn into the vibrant island culture, they must face the truth about their family and their future …


Elin Hilderbrand therefore wrote the “Paradise” trilogy. It includes the books “Winter in Paradise”, “What Happens in Paradise” and “Troubles in Paradise”.

Unsurprisingly, his pen is a marvel to read! The sales of his novels are therefore incredible!

His first book “Paradise” was published in 2018 and the most recent in October 2020. But these are not his only successes!

Indeed, his 25 novels have sold 10 million copies … A very pretty figure!


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