Ellen Pompeo: her sublime love speech to the PCAs!


Last night, Ellen Pompeo was the big guest of the PCAs. The Grey’s Anatomy actress delivered a sublime love speech to her fans!

Ellen Pompeo was one of the expected guests of PCAs last night in the United States. The actress featured in Grey’s Anatomy delivered a poignant speech.

Last night, the American actress won a prestigious award at this ceremony. Indeed, the one who plays Meredith Gray won the Female Tv Star award of 2020, which is equivalent to that of Best Female Actress in a TV Series.

A nice reward for the one who brilliantly plays a doctor for already 17 seasons, therefore. Invited on the stage of the People’s Choice Awards, the young woman thanked her fans.

Moved to tears, the American actress therefore prepared a speech. In the latter, she says this: “Thank you, look at this! This is my 5th People’s Choice Awards, I think. He’s a lot different this year, but I love him, ”she started, her voice shaking.


And that’s not all. Derek Shepherd’s on-screen companion spoke about how much the audience means to her. “Thank you audience, because it is because of you that we are able to do what we do. We couldn’t live our dreams without you ”.

Very moved at the idea of ​​receiving such an award, Ellen Pompeo decided to dedicate her award to her fans around the world. The pretty blonde also shared how the Greys Anatomy series is all about love and acceptance.

“The year 2020 has been a challenging year for us. Our series is about love and acceptance. Winning this award is confirmation that people understand and are spreading this idea of ​​love and acceptance. And to stick together, therefore, ”she continued.

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A very beautiful message of love, then. Ellen Pompeo’s speech was widely relayed on social networks and especially on Instagram, therefore.


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