Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy) wants to leave the show!


Grey’s Anatomy fans can’t wait to see Season 17. Ellen Pompeo plans to leave the show soon.Season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy saw some issues due to covid-19. Indeed, fans could not see the last episodes because filming had to be suspended.

However, the ABC channel has already renewed the series for a season 17 and fans will be able to find their favorite doctors. After more than 17 years on the small screen, the series is still very successful.

Indeed, many fans follow the story of Meredith Gray. Ellen Pompeo has played this character since her debut and thrills fans. A lot of intrigue has happened around Meredith and fans want to know if she will have a happy ending.

Since Derek’s death, Meredith has struggled to find love again in Grey’s Anatomy. Ellen Pompeo, on the other hand, is getting bored of her character and tired of watching herself grow old on screen.


Ellen Pompeo was 33 when she started acting in Grey’s Anatomy. At that time, she formed a very nice duet with Patrick Dempsey. However, there was not always a good atmosphere on the set.

Today, the actress is 50 years old and sees herself getting older every time on the series. Ellen Pompeo finds it depressing and cannot stand this situation anymore. “Watching yourself go from 33 to 50 on the screen isn’t much fun,” she said on Dax Shepard’s podcast.

Ellen Pompeo refuses to let Grey’s Anatomy fans see her grow old. So, she made no secret of the idea of ​​leaving the medical series very soon. “I don’t want to be that bunch of grapes dying in a vineyard. It is better to leave too early than too late. To leave while the series is still on top is clearly my goal, ”she added.

So, will Meredith say goodbye after season 17? In any case, the end of the series could be near …


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