Ellen Pompeo celebrates Michelle Obama’s birthday!


This Sunday, January 17, 2021, Ellen Pompeo took to her social networks to wish Michelle Obama a happy birthday!

Yesterday Michelle Obama celebrated her 57th birthday! For the occasion, thousands of internet users sent him adorable messages. Like Ellen Pompeo!

To this day, Ellen Pompeo is one of Hollywood’s major figures! If the actress has participated in many film projects, it is mainly thanks to the series “Gray’s Anatomy” that she saw her notoriety explode.

In the city, Ellen Pompeo is also a fulfilled woman! Since 2003, she spins the perfect love with Chris Every.

In 2007, the lovebirds said “yes” to each other in New York. Two years later, they welcome their first child: a little girl named Stella Luna.

In 2014, the star and her husband extended their family with the arrival of Sienna May – born from a surrogate mother. Wanting to break this taboo, Ellen Pompeo even indulged in the unfolding of insemination on the set of the “Jimmy Kimmel Show”.

“I held his hand (note: the surrogate mother). I looked under the microscope and saw the embryo (…) “, said the actress. “It’s a great gift to give, to carry someone else’s child. I will be forever grateful to him ”.

And in 2016, the star delighted her fans by announcing the arrival of her son Eli Christopher! On a daily basis, the interpreter of “Meredith Gray” is also very committed.

And she has never hidden her admiration for the Obamas. Yesterday, the actress took to her social networks to post a beautiful message to the former First Lady who celebrated her 57 years. The proof in pictures!


To celebrate Michelle Obama’s birthday, Ellen Pompeo shared a cute snapshot of America’s ex 1st lady. And she did not forget to slip a little legend while tagging the wife of Barack Obama. Class!

“What a blessing this woman! “, Wrote the star in his post. But also: “Thank you Michelle Obama for everything you do. I hope you have had a wonderful day. ”

There is no doubt that his post pleased the main concerned! Years after her husband’s tenure, Michelle Obama continues to inspire thousands of people. Like Ellen Pompeo.

Some even hope that she will one day get into politics. At the moment, it’s not in his plans!

But his fans have learned a little more about his aspirations thanks to his book “Devenir” published in 2018! “My book is about the ordinary of an extraordinary life,” Michelle Obama said in June 2017.

But also: “I hope he will help other people take pride in their own lives. And not just black people, who feel like they’re invisible. I want my book to start a national conversation about the voice that each of us can have ”.


If Ellen Pompeo shuns the paparazzi in L.A, she loves interacting with her fans on her Instagram account. On this social network, she has more than 8 million subscribers. Just that !

She loves posting snapshots of her family life as much as using her voice to advocate for causes that are dear to her. The star has also repeatedly shown his support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. And that’s not all !

In this period of pandemic, the actress is also raising awareness among Internet users about the health measures to be observed. And she does not hesitate to sound the alarm bell to call on the authorities on the climate emergency.


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