Elize Matsunaga: Netflix Announces Crime Series; See The Trailer


Elize Matsunaga: Netflix announced this Tuesday (15) the release of the documentary series Elize Matsunaga: Once upon a time a crime. The production must include statements from Elize, her family and colleagues, and the victim. Specialists who followed the investigations, journalists, defense and prosecution lawyers and criminal experts are also expected to appear. It is the first time that the defendant talks about the case in an interview, nine years after the crime.

Check out the trailer:

The series will have four episodes and will cover from Elize’s childhood in the city of Chopinzinho, in the interior of Paraná, to her relationship with businessman Marcos Matsunaga. In addition, viewers will be able to check the details that followed the murder, including the confession, the cover-up attempts, his arrest and trial in 2016.

Eliza Capai, director of the series, says that she felt the burden of taking responsibility for the story. “I felt a great moral responsibility in directing this series. Not only for Marcos’ family and friends who suffered from this tragedy, but also for Elize’s family, people who didn’t know anything about it, but who also suffer the consequences to this day. “.

Elize Matsunaga: Once upon a Time a Crime opens July 8th on Netflix.


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