Elizabeth Olsen reveals new insight into Disney + drama


Despite its popularity, Marvel has never produced a solo Scarlet Witch movie, but WandaVision is poised to replace it. Marvel is trying to replicate its success with a series of television shows.

Early photos and trailers have showcased a unique take on the series, with Vision actor Paul Bettany calling WandaVision a feast for the eyes. Olsen reveals that the show will explore Scarlet Witch in a way that the MCU hasn’t before.

Elizabeth Olsen reveals that WandaVision turned out to be the best gift she could ask for from Marvel. In doing so, Olsen says the show allowed him to focus solely on Scarlet Witch and tell the hero’s story from his perspective.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige referenced comedic stories with the idea of ​​not only examining Scarlet Witch’s past, but also allowing her to display all of her powers in WandaVision.

Other than those images, little is known about the show, but the reveal about delving into Wanda’s past suggests that Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch’s twin brother, might as well make an appearance on WandaVision.

If WandaVision finally shows you its full effect, it could finally end the debate over the most powerful Avenger. Regardless of what form Scarlet Witch’s powers take in WandaVision, audiences are sure to enjoy it.

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